Eyes of Hope: Helping People In Need See

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Skye, a fifth grader, smiled shyly while she put on her brand-new prescription glasses. She slowly panned the room and the materials in front of her as she exclaimed, “Everything’s so clear!”

She was excited to receive a no-cost eye exam from a caring optometrist and the very first pair of glasses that were prescribed to meet her unique needs. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that the frames had sparkles and that her father told her how pretty she looked in them.) Before then, with her family’s budget stretched too thin, Skye had been borrowing glasses from her older sister or wearing “grandmother’s readers” to read and do her homework.

It was definitely a family affair, as Skye’s grandmother, aunt, mom, and sister were also able to get much-needed eye care at no cost to them.

Families like Skye’s are why VSP Global® established Eyes of Hope® to help people in need see well and succeed in their everyday lives. To date, through initiatives that include VSP Mobile Eyes® and Sight for Students®, VSP has invested $175 million to provide no-cost eye exams and glasses for 1 million people in need!

By 2020, we’ve committed to helping a million more.

View photos of just a few of the million people in need helped by Eyes of Hope initiatives:

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