Calculate Your Savings 

To calculate how much an average VSP vision plan can save you, view the average savings chart below or customize the chart with your eyewear needs.

Save with VSP Coverage Without
VSP Coverage
VSP Coverage
Eye Exam $154 $
Frame $150 $
Single Vision Lenses (Bifocal Lenses) $86
Anti-reflective Coating(Remove) (Add) $110 $61
Photochromic Adaptive Lenses(Remove) (Add) $103 $62
Polycarbonate Lenses(Add) (Remove) $0 $0
Employee-only Annual Contribution N/A $
Total $603.00 $267.80

Your average savings: $335.20

Plus get an extra $20 to spend! 

*Comparison is based on national averages for comprehensive eye exams and most commonly purchased brands. This chart represents an average savings for VSP members. Your actual savings will depend on the plan available to you, frames purchased, your copays, contribution level, and whether your contribution is deducted from your paycheck pre-tax.

Enroll in VSP and start saving on eye care and eyewear.

How to Enroll